Hiring a photographer for your preschool photos.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is when hiring the run of the mill large companies verses the independent local photographer for your preschool? Here are a couple things to consider and why i feel it's important to hire local small business photographers.

  1. variety. do you want your parents to have multiple choices of photos? do the larger companies give you one pose with background choices? that's definitely something that will set the small businesses apart. one thing, as a parent, that I notice when getting picture packages is that i have one pose of my child. and about 4-6 background choices to choose from. when shopping for pictures as a parent, I know that i really could care less about the background. I want to see more expressions, more poses of my child.
  2. patience. I'm not saying that the more well-known chain photographers aren't patient. I don't know them personally and you probably don't either. so they may have patience, but chances are they are there and have a set time frame, salary and they will wrap things up as quickly as possible. local, independent businesses typically set their own hours and work to sell...which means they will take the time they need with each child to get the best possible outcome.
  3. familiarity. did you know that i've worked with the same preschools for years and i actually know several of my tiniest client's by name? Can you say the same about the bigger franchises? Even better, most of the time the children remember me. which is the absolute best feeling in the world. they may be reserved and shy with the first couple of years, but the more they get to know me, the more genuine and most absolutely beautiful smiles i get. which is what parents want.
  4. flexibility. small businesses are not only able to set their own hours which make it much more flexible for your childcare center, but also more flexible for your needs. graduation pictures, group pictures, sibling pictures, silly... your REQUEST is more times than not our DEMAND.
  5. maybe the most important reason to me is that we actually have a blast. the kids and i have a great time. my main goal is that they have an amazing experience that will show through my images. i have time to be silly with them, get to know them, hear their stories...i'm not on a deadline on picture day and take whatever time is needed to capture the absolute best photos possible.

if you're ready to take your preschool photos to the next notch, reach out! I'd love to chat!

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