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About the photographer

Here at Victoria leigh photography, i provide photography services for corporate companies within north carolina. Serving clients for over 15 years, i understand why there’s a need for corporate photographs and what exactly clients are looking for. i provide high-quality, professional photographs done for headshots, business spaces and detailed product photography of your products. i travel to your location or office space, so we have more options to incorporate your business or brand. Check out the list of services provided below or reach out with any questions or additional needs you may have.

What is corporate photography and what are the benefits?

Running a successful business in today's market is strongly dependent on making a personal connection with your customers and audience. Being able to relate a face to a business is a part of building that connection. Photography can be a powerful tool to enhance your company or business. Sharing your captured, business-related moments or portraits can impact an opinion or relate to potential clients and entice them to pursue business with you.

Clients need to be visually stimulated, and with the vast amounts of media out there, you need to make sure your brand stands out. Branding your company will linger in the minds and hearts of customers, demonstrating an authentic side of the business that differentiates the company from outside competition. Your images will appear on websites, in brochures, and, most importantly on social media. What clients prefer to see is who makes up the business’s backbone. When you keep your website or social media page modernized with professional photographs, they can see you are up to date and genuine.

You have a great brand, and your business is going smooth, so now it’s time to put in that little extra spark to keep the brand current. Adding regular photographic media can help your company achieve this.

Services Offered:

Professional Headshots

Your business headshots are one of the first impressions a potential client will have on your company. Whether it’s an email signature, LinkedIn profile, Facebook business page, or displayed on your main website, it’s essential to have. You will present credibility and trust, which in return, promotes growth and sales. I understand your busy schedule. That’s why i offer on-site photography services to capture your staff’s headshots. This allows you to stay in the office, save your time and travel expenses, all while getting the best portraits for you and your business!

Environmental Portraits

Looking for something a tad bit different than the usual office setting? Using an outdoor or indoor environment will create natural and down-to-Earth images. Having this type of portrait will visually explain why the subject of the image is important to the story that you are telling and what you particularly do.

On-Site Business Interior Images

Show your clients a day in your shoes. Get personal and story-tell with images of your office space, conference rooms, and overall work environment. Having professional photographs created will allow customers to see your business in real, authentic scenes. These are also a great addition to your Google My Business profile, allowing your customers to see them when they search for your


Group Photography

Whether you are a small family-owned business or a massive corporate company, having group shots made illustrates teamwork with your valued staff members. A group photo helps transform a company image, build team integrity, and generate customer loyalty. many clients use these for press releases, yearly calendars, or even wall art at the entryway of their


Marketing Campaigns

Advertise accordingly! High-quality product photography is quite important. Images are an excellent way to showcase your product and help tell your story while building confidence in your campaign. A campaign should have a combination of specific product shots on a plain background along with lifestyle/demo photographs displaying the product in use in the real world with real people.

reach out today to take your business or brand to the next level.

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