Looking to up your business game?

Let's take a moment to think about it. standard headshots are perfectly fine, but do they set you apart? do they scream what you're selling? probably not. this is the reason why branding photos are becoming the newest form of "headshots".

business branding photos by victoria leigh photography

How about snapping some shots of you in your element? as an example, Showing the front of a house or empty room is a great quirky way for a realtor to really stand out! Clients will deem you as approachable – that’s the goal! personality is key in today's market and using photos tailored to your craft will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.

realtor branding photos by victoria leigh photography
lifestyle headshots by victoria leigh photography
small business branding photos by victoria leigh photography
realtor portraits by victoria leigh photography
lifestyle branding portraits by victoria leigh photography
headshot examples by victoria leigh photography
lifestyle branding session examples by victoria leigh photography

What is a branding photo session? it's basically just a regular session where we pay attention to the details of your business. What product or service you offer and brainstorm together to let everyone know by simply looking at your photos. branding photos should showcase not only your personality, but your business as well.

a few reasons you should give it a try...

  1. branded photoshoots are the new and upcoming way to stand out. as a business owner myself, I know how important it is to attract attention among the sea of competitors. this is an awesome way to gain the attention you deserve.
  2. your first impression could be your only impression. when someone sees your headshots, do they feel like they connect with you? do you come off approachable and friendly? branding yourself and showcasing your personality can be a great way to let them know that you are someone they would like to get to know and work with.
  3. Did you know that showing yourself... your true self builds trust. trust is big in the business industry. showing that beautiful smile or laugh goes so much further than it seems. clients today want to see personality and friendly faces.
  4. social media posts will gain way more attention. everyone is resorting to social media now to gain followers and attract customers. having a nice, well thought out photo with your business incorporated will go so much further than the standard headshots and the customers will come pouring in.
  5. because everyone deserves to feel amazing. sometimes (and I'm guilty myself), we pour our heart, blood, sweat and tears into our business and we don't take any time for ourselves. branding photos show you in your element. they show what all that work has done and they show you being amazing in your element.