5 Tips to prepare for your big day.

  1. Schedule your hair appointments the week of the session, not the morning of. You don’t want to run late, and you definitely don’t want a recipe for disaster if it doesn't end up as well as you had hoped.
  2. Shower the day of and don't forget to brush your teeth. Don’t rush out the door and realize you forget these essential to-dos. You want to feel amazing so that your confidence shines in your session.
  3. Have your outfits prepared and laid out the night before. Make sure you iron and steam them to remove any wrinkles. they will show up in your pictures.
  4. If you think of any new ideas, let your photographer know. It's a good idea to write these down, so you don't forget!
  5. Have your nails done the day before. If you have a physical, demanding job, you might have dirt and grime underneath your fingernails. make sure they are to your liking and no chipped polish.

senior photos in winston salem by victoria leigh photography
ledford senior high photos by victoria leigh photography