“One of the most special things that I can remember about my grandfather was all of his pictures. He would always have pictures to share and I was always excited to see what special memory he had captured each time. My fascination with my grandfathers’ pictures turned into a hobby of mine as a teenager. I would run around with my girlfriends wearing crazy outfits and we would have “photo shoots” all over town in some of the most unusual locations we could think of. My hobby turned into a passion for me when I had my first child. I realized then how important it was to me to capture every milestone and every special moment I had with him. From his first tooth to his first steps. I didn’t want to miss a moment of it. I wanted to be able to keep those memories and cherish them forever. I bought my first professional camera in December of 06 and have been capturing memories ever since.

My style is completely casual….what your child does when I am not around is what I want to be able to capture for you. The way they look when they make that cute little expression or the new dance that they learned…these moments will not last forever. I want to be able to capture every emotion that your child has….whether it is silly or serious. Each time in your child’s life is a time that will only come once and I want to be able to make that moment last for years to come.”

~ Vickie Sink